The performances we love the most are the ones in which you cry, fall in love and scream! And we do know that this all depends on how much we share about us and our deepest emotions. This is why we often improvise, giving the space to our “deep-self” to come out through our playing, even when we play written music. Scroll down to discover about our 100% improvised performances!

From our concerts

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NOW! Let’s talk about
OUR 100% genuine, fresh made IMPROVS

We use only the freshest ingredients, picking up feelings and sounds straight away from the space around us. What we actually find really great about improvising in concerts is that we don’t know what’s going to happen, when and how, so we become audience ourselves and take inspiration from one another, no matters anymore who’s playing an instrument and who isn’t: we are all experiencing it together for the first and only time.

Let’s improvise together.